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colour photograph - winter sunlight backlighting a frosty hedge

Oakington Road, Gateway

colour photograph - public footpath sign in a hedge

Twenty Pence Bridge

colour photograph - rusty railings of a bridge spanning a long, straight, drainage canal in fenland on a winter's day afetr snow.

Cottenham Lode towards Rampton Wood

colour photograph - wintry scene in fenland, light snow on harrowed field. A dead tree beside a ditch in foreground, a pale sunset behind

Long Drove - Sunrise

colour photograph - close up of apples hanging on a tree in an orchard

Church Lane - Apples

colour photograph - country road in fenland on a sunny day with a farm sign board to one side.

Oakington Road, Cuckoo Hill Farm

colour photograph - buildings of a small horse race track

Racecourse - Grandstand

colour photograph - horse racing track, long shadows in strong sunlight

Racecourse from Grandstand

colour photograph - a winter scene in fenland, light snow on the ground, derelict farm shelter and sillhouettes of trees and hedges against a bright blue sky

Oakington Road, Derelict Shed

colour photograph - a winter scene in fenland, dark sillhouette of a mechanically-clipped hedge against a white snow backdrop

Oakington Road - Hedgerow

colour photograph - scarecrows in a snowy field in fenland

Oakington Road - Scarecrows

colour photograph - protective cylinder around a young sapling strongly backlit by a sunset

Long drove - Tree Guard I

colour photograph - farm field of small tress or bushes after winter snowfall

Oakington Road - Pear Orchard

colour photograph - allotment sheds in winter field after snowfall

Rampton Road - Allotments

colour photograph - clay pigeon against a wet and glistening brown background

Chear Fen - Clay Pigeon

colour photograph - straw bales in a flat field after snow

By Cottenham Lode - Straw Bales

colour photograph - close up shot of backlit sapling protector

Long Drove - Tree Guard II

colour photograph - pumpkins in a farm field

Church Lanes - Pumpkins

colour photograph - industrial storage tanks, some rusty. On a sunny day

Brookfield Industrial Estate - Oil Silos

colour photograph - barbed wire running beside a ditch with accretion of pale brown matter hanging from the wire

Long Drove - Lagoon

colour photograph - apple blossom on a tree with cloudy sunset behind

Oakington Road - Apple Tree

colour photograph - summer field carpeted by small white flowers

Long Drove - Corn Chamomile

colour photograph - plum tree with white blossom symetrically framed by blue sky and a flat field green with the young shoots of a new crop

Church Lane, Plum Tree

colour photograph -  iron footbridge across a fenland river

Cottenham Lode - Footbridge

colour photograph - winding fenland river

Cottenham Lode - Old West River Junction

colour photograph - farm shed and straight rows of low trees after snowfall

Oakington Road - Black Shed

colour photograph - handmade sign on a farm gate advertising manure for 40 pence per bag - with makeshift cash tin

Broad Lane Manure 40p

colour photograph - a very straight line of poplar trees on a winter day after snow fall

Oakington Road - Poplars

colour photograph - of teasels beside a winding river

Old West River Teasels

Colour Photograph of a broken clay pigeon lying on muddy ground

Chear Fen - Broken Clay Pigeon

Colour Photograph of a red combine harvester working in a cornfield with a village church tower onthe horizon and a sunset sky

Church Lane - Combine Harvester

Colour Photograph of a corrugated metal barn and a yellow tractor with large bundles of sheet plastic attached to its front forks under a clear blue sky

High Street - Kings Farm

Colour Photograph of a river bank that has a dilapidated riverboat dragged up onto it and a movable barrier fence

Old West River - River Boat

Colour Photograph of cattle in a shed behind a wooden barrier bearing a notice that says foot followers cap seven pounds

Race course - Foot Followers





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