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Dream in colour

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Close up colour photograph of grass in Zion National Park, Utah


photo of water droplets on the shiny red paintwork of a car

E Palm Canyon

Roadside Grass - Why Arizona 2000

Roadside Grass

Irrigation - Palm Springs California 2002


Owen's Dry Lake - California 2002

Owen's Dry Lake

close up photo of a dead plant in an arid landscape of dry cracked earth with a bright blue sky and distant out of focus hills in the background

Panamint Valley I

advertising sign depicting a woman sliding down a water slide into a swimming pool


advertising mural for catering equipment store


roadsite advertising sign for 'Adult Entertainment'

Adult Entertainment

blue sky dotted with white clouds seen from the bottom of an empty swimming pool

9 feet, La Concha Pool

derelict pink shack in a desert landscape


ornate but rusty wrought iron yard gate with suburban street in background

Back Gate - The Spanish Inn

Colour Photograph of a red and white barn under a clear blue sky

Stars & Stripes Barn

Colour Photograph of an old and weathered Coca Cola logo.

Coca - Cola

Colour Photograph of a structure in the shape of the silhouette of a desert cactus with christmas tree lights wound round it and a clear sunset sky in the background


Colour Photograph of metal chairs in strong sunlight casting distinct shadows on the ground


Colour Photograph of an American car painted with the American flag, parked beside a swimming pool.

Car - Poolside

Colour Photograph of a wooden graveyard in a desert

Pioneer's Grave I

Colour Photograph of an abandoned bungalow type building in a desert with an old freezer standing outside

Homestead II

Colour Photograph of a wooden graveyard in a desert

Pioneer's Grave II

Colour Photograph of a white American car parked outside a shop on which is painted a Patriotic eagle's head and the opening words of 'God Bless America'.

God Bless America

Colour Photograph of a motel sign beside the road in a flat desert landscape

Roy's - Route 66

Colour Photograph of a motel that has a glass-sided pool feature in the foreground

Glass Pool Motel I

Colour Photograph of straight rows of bomb fins painted red white and blue and standing vertically on the ground


Colour Photograph of a swimming pool with two metallic spheres floating in it

Pool - Harmony Motel

Colour photograph of an old iron bedstead and washing stand in a disused room

Iron Bed

Colour photograph of poppies backlit by strong sun


Roy's Motel - Route 66

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