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Dream in colour

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Colour photograph of the keyboard of Liberace's piano, showing glued on decorations and tow of toy guardsmen

Liberace's Piano II

Colour photograph of Parry Lodge Motel sign

Parry Lodge

Colour Photograph of white and red nineteen sixties American ambulance parked beneath a tree in a rural landscape

Cadillac Ambulance

Colour Photograph of spectator seating standing on a sandy ground with mountains visible on the horizon under a partially cloudy sky

Grand stand

Colour Photograph of dead straight desert road with a yellow central lane dividing line and purple mountains on the horizon beneath a partially cloudy sky

Inyokern Dragstrip

Colour Photograph of an old disused kitchen range above which is a wodden mantle shelf and an old black and white portrait in Victorian style

Fireplace & Portrait

Colour Photograph of interior wall that has been papered over with old newspapers and some shelves on which old kitchen bric-a-brac is stored

A stitch in time saves nine

Colour Photograph of a metal vent in a smooth glossy green surface with yellow white and black reflections and some scratches

Booth - Fox Movie House

Colour Photograph of horse and rider sillhouetted by a yellow sky. The horse is rearing and the cowboy rider is sitting in a dramatic position that might result in him falling out of the saddle if he were real


Colour Photograph of adobe hut with a wooden shuttered window that has a wooden cross in the middle small cacti are in the forground and trees can be seen behind the roof line

Outlaw Josie Wales Cabin

Colour Photograph of a small pleasure motorboat housed in a sandly backyard beneath a purpose-built shelter


Colour Photograph of interior of mobile home featuring an ornamental sculpture of a rearing black horse standing on a shelf

Interior - Royal Mansion

Colour Photograph of yellow road sign indicating sharp left bend and speed limit of 5 miles per hour stanimg on a dark foreground with a strong blue and nearly cloudless sky behind and purple hills on the horizon


Colour Photograph of straight desert road with yellow cetral line and a glare from strong sunlight on its surafce and beside the road are cacti and telephone poles

Road to Gunsight

Colour Photograph of broken fencing and low grass tussocks silhouetted by strong white backlighting

Pioneer's Grave IV

Colour Photograph of unmade desert road, brodered by telephone poles and wires leading to some low buildings and terss in the middle distance and what looks like a lake beyond that before a horizon of blue moutains

Malone Street

Colour Photograph of interior of old wooden barn that has many gaps and holes in the roof and walls that strong light is coming through

Barn II

Colour Photograph of wooden grave markers in boot hill cemetary

Boot Hill

Colour Photograph of custom cars in preparation workshop

Rick's Speed Shop

Colour Photograph of blue pool steps in a drained swimming pool with very strong shadow and some vegetal detritus gathered on the pool floor

Steps I - Zzyzx Resort Pool

Colour photrograph of derelict wall once filled by metal framed glass windows which have lost all the glass, the wall is painted white or cream and has some rust streaks on it and appears to be beside a swimming pool

Pool window - Zzyzx Resort Pool

Colour Photograph of blue pool steps in a drained swimming pool with very strong shadow and some vegetal detritus gathered on the pool floor

Steps II - Zzyzx Resort Pool

colour photograph - wilted irises growing beside a sunny driveway on which a white american car with a rusted top is parked

Kerbside Iris

colour photograph - display of fancy ornamental spurs


colour photograph - yellow bedroom interior with yellow lamp and black telephone beside a white bed

Telephone II

colour photograph - rear of fifties american car with big tailfins and number plate dream 01 in background are palm trees and stardust sign

Stardust Dreams

colour photograph - country road with ranges of hills in background and telephone poles alongside

Amboy Road

colour photograph - deserted town in dray sandy area with range of mountains in the distance

Malone Street

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