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Dream in colour

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colour photograph - weathered roadside sign for roy's motel cafe

Roy's Motel Sign

colour photograph - back lot with small English BMC car and American trailer with calor gas bottle


colour photograph - two dark sixties limousines parked outside a building with rows of similar windows above whose roof can be seen a red sign saying riviera

Lincolns - La Concha

colour photograph - yellow bedroom interior yellow wall and lamp with white lampshade and bedclothes


colour photograph - angular building in bright sunlight with cream coloured wall in foreground on which there is a three dee sign reading ballantines movie colony

Ballantines Movie Colony I

colour photograph - wooden upper story of building seen through palm tree leaves

Ballantines Movie Colony II

colour photograph - blue and blue green room interior with coffee table magazines and art books and black vase containing surreal false flowers

On site

colour photograph - pale green settee in pale blue green interior shaded by white blinds and lit by a yellow table lamp with chromed metal lampshade


colour photograph - dark blue breakfast bar with red plastic coffe cups and saucers on a deep cream wall

Breakfast Bar

colour photograph - sun deck chair with yellow and brown floral upholstery on pale cream balcony above courtyard


colour photograph - inflatable floating lilo on brightly cyan swimming pool

Sun lounger

colour photograph - pale yellow old cinema building with tower carrying red signage reading FOX beneath a clock and small dome. Advertised film is Dorothy the Dinosaur

Fox - Movie House

colour photograph - elaborately decorated cinema foyer and ticket booth

Movie Booth - Fox Movie House

colour photograph - array of numbered US post office boxes


colour photograph - two old american forties cars behind a commercial building. The nearest has no tyres

Speed Shop

colour photograph - red sign on a white wall beneath a cyan sky with defocussed green palm trees in the background the sign reads A breath

A breath of ...

colour photograph - corner of road with vegetation in foreghround and fancy house or hotel in background accross the road

Elvis's Honeymoon Hideaway

colour photograph - white painted wrought iron garden chair in sunshine of back yard

Chair - El Morocco Pool

colour photograph - red tulips growing in a garden

Wedding Chapel Garden

colour photograph - illuminated roadside advertising sigmn that reads Road Runner RV Park - vacancy with a neon roadrunner on the top

Road Runner R-V Park

colour photograph - Vegas style illuminated roadside sign reading Drive Carefully Come Back Soon.


colour photograph - sixties style signage on entrance lobby roof of Tucson Inn

Tucson Inn

colour photograph - dusk illuminated building bearing a sign reading flamingo with palm trees and a vivid cyan and blue sky behind it

Flamingo Motel

colour photograph - shot of sun low in the sky in a flat landscape with low hills in the background and tyre marks from a handbrake turn in the foreground


colour photograph - pool edge and water wirth three and a half feet depth marker

3 1/2ft II







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