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Colour photograph of a partly rusted metal capstan mounted on a blue-painted pedestal with a clear blue sky behind

Winch - Fishing Boat

Colour close up photograph of a battered metal buoy with traces of blue paint lying on gravel


Colour photograph of a wooden jetty by still water under a moody sky

Jetty I

Colour photograph of a wooden jetty by still water in which a blue sky with tranquil clouds is reflected

Jetty II

Colour photograph of sun rays streaming through a gap in dark rainclouds

Near Fulmodestone

Colour photograph of wild grasses with blue sky and fluffy white cumulus clouds behind

Grass II

Colour photograph of reeds close up in the foreground and a summer sky in the background


Colour photograph of a large advertising model of two burgers stacked vertically

Two Double Cheese Burgers

Colour photograph of two red poppies in a composition of flowerless poppy stems with an unfocussed blue and white sky in the background


Colour photograph of a small white rowing boat on a grassy bankside


Colour photograph of reedbeds by still water in which a dramatic sky is reflected


Colour photograph of sunset over water with grasses in close up sillhouette in the foreground

Martham Broad

Colour photograph of rope wrapped around a rusted metal mooring post standing in wild grass


Colour photograph of red sunset clouds and reflections in still water channel beside stone and mud banks


Colour photograph of cut stems standing out of snow - covered ground with a defocussed sunset sky and horizon behind


Colour photograph of the forecourt of a funeral parlour which has the same layout as a petrol station

Funeral Parlour

Colour photograph of a still water channel with a lush growth of reeds on either side under a sky of grey clouds

Meadow Dike

Colour photograph of de-focussed dry grasses on a sandy ground with a clear blue sky behind


Colour photograph of a broken old style yellow painted petrol pump with ivy growing on it

Petrol Pump

Colour photograph of an apparently unsupported ladder standing in a field reaching for the sky


Ormesby Broad I

Ormesby Broad II



Ormesby Little Broad II

Ormesby Little Broad III

Ormesby Little Broad I

Boatyard - South Walsham Broad

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