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Colour photograph of Kitchen corner with assorted bric-a-brac


Colour photograph of shelf on a blue wall bearing a mirror, some flowers in a cup and an old advert for shoe polish featuring kittens sitting in a row of shiny boots


Colour photograph of red hallway wall with assorted keys, old wiring and papers in a box


Colour photograph of a Cambridge living room decorated in 1940s style

Living room

Colour photograph of wall with various rustic walking sticks hanging from the picture rail a television and assorted alcohol bottles on a table in front.


Colour photograph of mostly empty shelves and boxes in a disused cobbler's shop


Colour photograph of a room containing jumbled wicker baskets and chairs, a stack of canes and a white cabinet with glass doors


Colour photograph of country kitchen featuring an old Rayburn cooker set in a pink wall with horse brasses hanging from it.


Colour photograph of a green-painted interior wall with a floral decorated round mirror and dried flower arrangement hanging on it


Colour photograph of wooden chair seen through blue painted wooden doorframe against two tone blue and white back wall


Colour photograph of cafeteria style table in a fishermen's mission. On the orange painted back wall is a pay-phone and a row of round windows like portholes

Fishermen's Mission I

Colour photograph of an old vehicle hub cap seen through a cracked-glass window with cobwebs and a faded curtain behind it


Colour photograph of an abandoned cobbler's shop with assorted rubbish, and old kettle and a 1950s radio hanging on the wall

Radio - cobbler's

Colour photograph of an old inkwell made in the shape of a shoe on an old linoleum floor beside a brown wall and skirting board


Colour photograph of a corner of an old pantry with various containers and egg-boxes and cobwebs on the wall

Corner - pantry

Colour photograph of bottles and jars in an old pantry

Bottles - pantry

Colour photograph of a roadside farm produce stall with various old fashioned objects placed about

Roadside stall

Colour photograph of the interior of a Stonemason's workshop looking out through a double window into a work yard

Stonemason's workshop

Colour photograph of the interior of a Saltworks shed


Colour photograph of the interior of an ice factory showing a stack of various materials including a wooden door with the lettering No 25 painted on it in white

No 25 - ice factory

Colour photograph of a wooden chair from directly above. The chair is stained and has some old rags on it.

Chair II

Colour photograph of paintmarks and rags on a corrugated metal wall in a saltworks

Saltworks wall

Colour photograph of vaguely discernible bottle behind a cracked, textured-glass window


Colour photograph of a blue painted cottage window set in a brick wall. Through the window cobwebs and old curtains can be seen inside


Colour photograph of a close up of some tape stuck to the glass of a greenhouse in the form of a Christian cross

Greenhouse - Fishermen's Mission

Close up Colour photograph of a filleter's bucket containing various tools.

Filleter's bucket

Close up Colour photograph of the an old book seen edge on and looking up the spine inside the binding - John Rylands Library 1987


Colour photograph of a Drip tray in an ice factory

Drip tray - ice factory

Close up Colour photograph of a Soap dish containing bathroom paraphernalia seen from above and resting on a white ground

Soap dish

Colour photograph of the interior of a fisherman's mission showing a table and chairs, an old portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, a television and a radio and a lare painting of a seafront

Fishermen's Mission II

Close up Colour photograph of corrugated plastic roof sheeting with stalks of grass in front of it.


Colour photograph of the interior of an upstairs room in an old abandoned cottage with light shining through the violet curtains of a window

Dalton Bank

Colour Photograph of an interior wall painted deep pink on which a mirror and three caps are hanging


Colour photograph of a brown chair with a tattered book on it viewed from above

Bible - Fisherman's Mission

Colour photograph of an old fashioned fifties shop window display in a rotten window frame with peeling paint

Outside of Cobblers

Colour photograph of a narrow corridor, severely painted in red white and blue, with a red whote and blue jacket hanging on a peg on the wall, several doorways and a fire blanket container

Scout's Hut

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