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Rock and Roll
Rock N Roll

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colour photograph of a rockabilly couple in a pink classic american car

Jo & Gary

colour photograph of a woman in a black one-piece bathing-suit and sunglasses stepping into a swimming pool


colour photograph of a girl in fifties dress with an red-painted Indian motorbike in the foreground

Indian & girl

colour photograph of the front of a purple hot-rod with a young man and woman sitting in it talking to each other

Tony's Rod

colour photograph of rockabillies in a parking lot driking beer. man in foreground is watching woman in leather jacket stick out her toungue at the camera

Lady Luck

colour photograph of rockabillies lifting a hot-rod in order to do repairs to the underside.

John's Rod lifted for repairs

colour photograph portrait of rockabilly couple

Charlotte & Phil

colour photograph of laughing woman in slacks sunglasses and leopard top sitting in the open front door of a black car


colour photograph close up of a worn girl and snake decal on the window of a car

Girl & Snake Decal

colour photograph close up of a Bettie Page devil decal on the window of a car

Bettie Page Devil Decal

colour photograph of decal on car window depicting a glamour girl playing the guitar

Guitar Girl Decal

colour photograph of cute girl in a bikini car decal

Bikini Pin-up Decal

colour photograph of guitarist and singer dressed in mariachi costume on stage

Carlos & the Bandidos

colour photograph of customised classic american car parked outside a seafront amusement arcade called the mirage

The Mirage

colour photograph of man with black hair and black leather jacket at the wheel of a black painted american car


colour photograph of mud-spatterd man in white teeshirt at the wheel of mud-spattered hot rod


colour photograph of the engine block of a hot-rod

Tony's flathead

colour photograph of the leapardskin covered front dash and steering wheel of a custom classic car

Leopard Dash

colour photograph of fifties party girl sipping a drink through a straw

Party Doll

colour photograph of the interior of a hot rod decorated with Bettie Page images

Bettie Page Interior

colour photograph of a doll in hula skirt standing on the dashboard shelf and seen through the front window of a car.

Hula Doll

colour photograph of woman in fancy cowgirl clothes

Western girl

colour photograph of a couple relaxing and playing guitar on blankets laid on the grass

Couple on blanket

colour photograph of a woman applying lipstick in front of a mirror


colour photograph of two women one of whom is having make-up applied by the other

Miss Betty's Beauty Parlour

colour photograph of a mercury car moving through a cloud of dust

Mercury in the dust I

colour photograph of a buick car moving through a cloud of dust

Buick in the dust I

colour photograph of a buick car moving through a cloud of dust

Buick in the dust II

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