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Rock and Roll
Rock N Roll

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colour photograph of rusted metal panel pressing that has the Ford Motors Logo embossed in it

Ford Insignia

colour photograph of interior dashboard decoration of a fifties American Classic car showing pinstriping, a religious statuette of Mary and pin-up girl decals

Mary & Decals

colour photograph of a small boy at the wheel of an old-fashioned pedal car


colour photograph of coloure petal garland hanging from rear view morror above a fifties classic Chevrolet dashboard

Flower lei

colour photograph of painted decoration on painted rusted metal sheet showing a snake in cool shades at the wheel of a sports car and the word sidewinders


colour photograph of overhead shot of a group of fifties car fans leaning on a hot rod and having a discussion

Git some Texas Style Trim...

colour photograph of a green and white two-tone fifties classic Ford Fairlane parked outside a block of chalet apartments

'57 Ford Fairlane

colour photograph of a woman's chest bearing a tattoo of stars hummingbirds a heart and the motto true love

Shelley 'True Love' Tattoo

colour photograph of a fifties pinup picture of a blonde in top hat holding a cane applied to car bodywork on which the words Miss Behavin are also painted

Miss Behavin

colour photograph of two young women in fifties costume at a table one watching as the other adjusts her makeup

Nam 69

colour photograph of two women in white fifties uniforms making phone calls in adjacent blue phone booths

Shelley & Christina

colour photograph of BSA motorbike logo in closeup spotted with raindrops


colour photograph of fifties tockabilly performer playing ornately decorated guitar

Nick Willett

colour photograph of tattoo of a blonde in a champagne glass above a skull and playing cars and bearing the motto man's ruin seen through a ishnet stocking

Michelle's 'Man's Ruin' Tattoo

colour photograph of the mud spattered windshield of a black hot rod

Rod windshield

colour photograph of a steering wheel and dashboard controls of a classic fifties American car

Steering Wheel

colour photograph of classic car fans in fifties costume doing parking lot repairs

Car repair

colour photograph of the rear of a fifties car with racing decorations on a beach with dunes in the backgrounf


colour photograph of a maroon open-topped hotrod on red gravel throwing up dust

Girls - Donutting

colour photograph of leather clad biker woman and man with parked Harley Davidson motorbikes

Outside the Ballroom

Colour photograph - close up portrait of a young woman with dyed blonde hair and red accessories and a young man in a black teeshirt sunglasses and a straw hat on a hot day

Jody and Jen

colour photograph - young platinum blonde in sunglasses and US flag bikini top sunbathing on a sun-lounger

Stars & Stripes Bikini

colour photograph - heavy wallet chain attached to leather belt and dark blue jeans of a man standing in front of a car with bright red bodywork

Wallet Chain (det) II

colour photograph - BSA motorbike wityh black trim and orange fuel tank and front number plate painted with the message Elvis is God

Elvis is God

colour photograph - four women in fifties clothes and sunglasses lying on a grassy bank

Lynn, Lisa, Charlotte and Theresa II

colour photograph - plastic car dash ornament of a blue crucifix and figure of christ clinging to it as if in fear of being dislodged by the speed


colour photograph - blonde in fifties clothes at the wheel of a pale cream period car


colour photograph - men at a motor racetrack on a sunny day one lying on bonnet of black car with whitewall tyre and red wheel hub an electronic display sign behind

Top End

colour photograph - young man in a red cap lying across the front bench seat of a fifties period car apparently asleep

Resting - Hot Rod Reunion

colour photograph - rows of stacked and sorted chrome wheel trims of american cars lying on sandy ground

Road side

colour photograph - painted emblem featuring happy skeletons partying beneath the motto speed kills

Speed kills

colour photograph - old brown custom car with race number 7B Maltese cross graphic and name notso special

Hot Rod Reunion

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