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Colour photograph of an advertising sign for Sans-Souci, Peyton Shores, Salton Sea, California 2003

Sans-Souci, Desert Shores

Colour photograph of a roadside advertising sign for Sundowner Bar Restaurant, Salton City, Salton Sea, California 2003

Sundowner, Salton City

Colour photograph of a disused Motel Entrance, Desert Shores, Salton Sea, California 2003

Motel Entrance, Desert Shores

Shore Line, North Shore

Colour photograph of a derelict trailer with shadows of wooden beams cast by sun.

Eddie Ave, Salton Sea Beach

Colour Photograph of red bougainvillea in what looks like the porch of an abandoned motel cabin

Bougainvillea II

Colour photograph - palm trees in silhouette with a clear blue sky and glistening blue lake behind and a range of hills on the far shore

Palm Tree

Colour photograph - the red letter T and E from a Texaco advertising sign, beneath a clear sky

Texaco Marine (det) II

Colour photograph - derelict motel front and roadside palm tree beneath a clear blue sky

Motel Office

Colour photograph - three wooden posts wrapped with rope standing in clear lake water with a range of blue hills on the far shore beneath a clear blue sky

Jetty - North Shore Yacht Club II

Colour photograph - Texaco advertising sign formerly sited in lake water which has now receded leaving the sign on dry land. A derelict building visible at left and a clear sky

Texaco Marine - side on

Colour photograph - stencilled black sign on peeling cream painted wall that shows a ship's anchor beneath which the words throw rag are written

North Shore Yacht Club Pool - Throw Rag

Colour photograph - bar restaurant roadside sign in flat sandy landscape apparently not repainted recently

Sundowner II







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