Richard Heeps

est 1965 Cambridge, England

I am driven to create something and see how people respond to it and how they connect to it

Although I was brought up in East Anglia, I was heavily influenced by America, I visited American bases, I kept magazine cuttings and I followed drag racing. The speed, lifestyle and technicolour is reflected in my imagery. "American" colour is a major aspect to my work, it drives my equipment and material choices. 

At the age of ten I began participating in Art Shows and became comfortable with showing my work and the praise and criticism which is part of an artists development. In my early paintings Manhattan was a reoccurring theme, I was fascinated with New York.

In my professional career I have been lucky enough to exhibit my work in Museums and Public Galleries since the 1980's. These days I travel exhibiting at International Art Fairs and I still enjoy connecting with my audience, I am driven to create something and see how people respond to it and how they connect to it.

Richard Heeps interview for The Affordable Online Art Fair Instagram Takeover
Richard Heeps interview for The Affordable Online Art Fair Instagram Takeover

May 01, 2021

An in-depth interview with Richard Heeps discussing his life, inspiration and work.

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The Art of Architecture - Richard Heeps
How to choose art for your home

March 20, 2021

Guest blog from interior design account @alondonrenovation on how to choose art for your home. You bring your story to the art in your home. It is in this interaction that art can become an exciting part of interior design, in a way that doesn't necessarily happen with a cushion or a lamp - at least, not with the same immediacy. Art can be transporting, inspiring, joyous, melancholy, nostalgic. The most important thing is to buy art that makes you feel something. Richard Heeps incredible lens based photography certainly does that. 

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Drive up to an American Motel in California with blue sky and palm trees.
Contact sheets from California and Nevada

February 27, 2021

Looking at my contact sheets discovering the patterns that emerge.

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Discover affordable artwork photography from Richard Heeps
Discover affordable artwork photography from Richard Heeps

January 22, 2021

With a photography career that spans five decades, Richards’ archive is expansive. I had quite literally hours of fun, excitedly flicking through every single photograph. My journey took me from the bustling streets of Hong Kong, to a sun lounger in Palm Springs and the neon-lit shop windows of New York, via my favourite place in the world, London! 

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Telephone I, Ballantines Movie Colony, Palm Springs, California, 2002

Recent Exhibitions

Art on a Postcard | Photography on a Postcard at Photo London May 2019

The Auction Collective | HYPER-COLOUR-POP-CULTURE MAY 2019

Milan Design Week 2019 | Design Garden at The Stylist's Wardrobe, a collective exhibition of art and design inspired by nature.

WEMEN, Nhow Hotel Milano | 6th November 2018 - 31st March 2019

The Other Art Fair | London 2019, 2018 | Bristol 2018

Affordable Art Fair Battersea | represented by Bleach Box Photography Gallery, March 2019

Affordable Art Fair Milan | including a special project 'A Short History of Milan', represented by Bleach Box Photography Gallery,  January 2019

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition | 2018, The Sackler Wing.

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The Mirage, Hemsby, Norfolk, 1999

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