Motel Room - Lariat, Fallon, Nevada, 2003

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The Motel room is a reoccurring theme within American film and TV Culture. It’s place where good guys hide from the bad guys, Bad guys hide from the good guys, runaways, illicit affairs and lovers who are being torn apart. It is is the backdrop for Hollywood’s most iconic scene in the film psycho. In this picture the atmosphere is set by bed lights. They are not individual side lights but are joined together conveying a sense of coupling. As a viewer I am drawn across the bed to the illuminated wall and picture. The picture of the trees echos the wooden panelled walls and golden autumnal trees is repeated in the golden light of the room. The river in the picture conveys a sense of journey, that is a reoccurring theme in my work. The bed leads to the river and the river takes you to a place beyond the picture.