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About the Heidler & Heeps 9 Piece Vinyl Installation : This installation comprises of nine individually framed artworks which have been put together in a composition which takes your eye around the sequence. Once purchased you can take the predesigned set or create your own set of nine from the whole collection.

Each measures 40x40x3cm and is a limited edition of 50 and individually are priced at £150. We apply a £50 discount for each multiple of three purchased. Overall dimensions for a set of 9 is approx 130x130cm but they can be hung further apart or closer together.

They can be displayed in other figurations to suit the room/space they are to be situated in. If you would like to purchase in other multiples to suit your space ie. 8 just get in touch for a bespoke purchase. We offer a complimentary consultation service to create the perfect set for your interior.

Handmade to order.