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Size Guide

Station X, Bletchley Park, a documentary photograph by Richard Heeps. A truly powerful photograph, a working desk at Bletchley Park handwritten paper with codes sits alongside the headphones.  The feeling of absence, giving the impression that the operator has just left their seat temporarily and will be back. 

"I photographed Bletchley Park in partnership with Hertfordshire University and Bletchley Park Trust, to document Alan Turing’s historic past at Bletchley. I was privileged to gain access not open to the public. I felt a great connection with the past and the great poignance of the treasures I encountered."

This artwork is a limited edition gloss photographic print, presented in a museum board white window mount and a choice of black or white box frame made professionally in the UK, framed prints are dry-mounted to aluminium. It is signed and numbered on reverse accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

Handmade to order.

Please note that the size listed refers to the image size. Mounting and framing will increase the final size of the artwork.