Drag Racing

Richard Heeps was a Drag Racing fan from the age of 12, brought up on 'Hot Wheels' toy cars and custom culture, inspired by the artistic nature of the sport and the films 'Grease' and 'American Graffiti'. British Drag Racing and Hot Rodding in the 1970's was a big thing so Richard and his family became avid followers at Santa Pod Raceway. Growing up in it, it was natural for Richard to begin photographing it. The track is an extremely challenging environment to photograph in and he honed a lot of skills there. From 1997-2007 Richard photographed and sold his work which was bought by most of the teams, marking the period of time in the sport. 

This was the backdrop and starting point to his project 'Man's Ruin', a book and series of limited edition photographs published in 2007.