Instant Pictures

"When I was a child I had a large collection of transfer books. A picture of the world is constructed in these books but one in which dinosaurs and cave-men can sit alongside space walks and tall ships. These were picture books with educational text but at their heart was a landscape template. Onto this were rubbed a vast array of figures and details. The elements of the picture were all provided but the image still had to be made. The placing was irreversible so that great care had to be taken. The instructions on the sheet read 'Rub down your instant pictures to complete this scene'. Although fixed, the instant pictures were, for me, never complete." Richard Heeps 
Artwork Description

We make your artworks to order in our Cambridge Studio.

Although we always send out your order as quickly as possible the artwork might take two weeks to make. If you require it urgently for a gift or interior design project get in touch before placing your order and we will advise on availability and options.

Please note when ordering artwork for shipping to Australia it may be subject to import duty which is your responsibility.


Conventionally all our framed work is dry-mounted onto aluminium. This ensures a very flat image surface in the short and the long term. The prints are matted (window mounted) using a museum quality 100% cotton rag board especially manufactured to be compatible with the C-type archival Kodak photographic paper Richard uses. He makes the prints in his own dark room. The print sizes are taken from traditional photographic paper sizes. Traditionally with photographic prints they are signed and numbered on the back, they can be signed on the front of the mount by request. 

I am still making art

and shipping out your orders!

I work from home and have some frames in stock, get in touch to double check if you want something urgently.

My delivery partners are UPS and DHL.