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Ploughman's Cottage, photograph from Richard Heeps' series, A View of the Fens from the Car with Wings. 

Richard Heeps is well known for documenting the unique Fenland landscape near to his Cambridge home. Historically the fertile peat soil drew farmers to the area but unfortunately the land on which they built their homes was not stable which with time lead to subsidence and the dwellings had to be abandoned and eventually became ghost houses dotted throughout the horizon. Over time nature has enveloped the buildings creating this strange outside inside and Richard has captured this stunning picture with intense warm yellow overgrown with greenery and the rural landscape through the window.

This artwork is a limited edition gloss photographic print, dry-mounted to aluminium, presented in a museum board white window mount and a choice of black or white box frame made professionally in the UK. It is signed and numbered on reverse accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.