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Bonanza Café, iconic photograph from Richard Heeps Dream in Colour series, it was the cover artwork on his book Man's Ruin. 


Image 8.5'' x 10.25'' - Mounted and Framed Square 40x40cm (16" x 16")
Image 11" x 13.5" - Framed 40x47cm (16" x 18.5")
Image 16" x 20" - Framed 60x70cm (23.5" x 27.5")
Image 19" x 23" - Framed 67x77cm (26.3" x 30.3")
Image 25" x 32" - Framed 85x100cm (33.5" x 39.5")
Image 30" x 37.5" - Framed 98x115cm (38.5" x 45")

The artwork takes you back to small town Americana with the sun soaking through the windows onto the classic red diner seating. To mark twenty years since its creation he has released this 6x7 format with it's AGFA Ultra film rebate.

The artwork is a limited edition gloss photographic print from negative. When framed they are dry-mounted to aluminium, presented in a museum board white window mount and a choice of black or white box frame handmade professionally in the UK. The artwork is signed and numbered on reverse accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Handmade to order.