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Factory Spine, Italian architecture photograph from Richard Heeps series, A Short History of Milan. The former Lambretta Factory has been enveloped by nature in its abandoned state.


Image 8.5'' x 10.25'' - Mounted and Framed Square 40x40cm (16" x 16")
Image 11" x 13.5" - Framed 40x47cm (16" x 18.5")
Image 16" x 20" - Framed 60x70cm (23.5" x 27.5")
Image 19" x 23" - Framed 67x77cm (26.3" x 30.3")
Image 25" x 32" - Framed 85x100cm (33.5" x 39.5")
Image 30" x 37.5" - Framed 98x115cm (38.5" x 45")

'A Short History of Milan' began in November 2018 for a special project featured at the Affordable Art Fair Milan 2019. There is a reoccurring linear, structural theme throughout the series, capturing the Milanese use of materials in design such as glass, metal, wood and stone. Richard has a strong connection to Northern Italy from printing his books in Verona, and visiting Milan many times to exhibit. The work here is a series he has been sketching ideas for for a while, and is his first body of Italian work, capturing the spirit of Milan. It sits alongside his street photography work capturing Hong Kong, Vietnam and New York, which depict the fingerprint of cities through colour, fabric and structure with distinct style.

The artwork is a limited edition gloss photographic print from negative. When framed they are dry-mounted to aluminium, presented in a museum board white window mount and a choice of black or white box frame made professionally in the UK. It is signed and numbered on reverse accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

Handmade to order.