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Project Brief : 'A Different Light' provides an alternative vision of Thurrock, with its mixture of industrial and rural landscapes.

Photographer Richard Heeps' unique eye, well known for making the ordinary extraordinary, provides a completely new perspective on this corner of south Essex on the Thames Estuary at a particularly interesting time. As part of Thames Gateway, Thurrock is on the verge of enormous change - Richard's pictures record it at a particular time in its development.

Richard has taken the commission both literally and metaphorically - using different light as an artistic focus, as well as showing the area in a different light, helping to change perceptions of Thurrock both among local residents and those outside the area.

An established artist based in the East of England, Richard Heeps has been exhibited in galleries across the UK.

The Context

This exhibition was commissioned by Thurrock Arts Generate, part of a regional initiative funded by Arts Council England, East.

Arts Generate aims to contribute to Thurrock Council's ambition to use culture as a catalyst for change by raising aspirations, perceptions and expectations through high quality arts and creative activity for everyone.

In addition to A Different Light (which also includes a series of poetry workshops in addition to the exhibition) arts|generate is developing and delivering a number of projects to benefit people in Thurrock. 'A Different Light' will be published in book form in October 2004.

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