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'Florescence', from Richard Heeps' 'Dream in Colour' series was photographed in Panamint Valley, Death Valley National Park, California. This minimal landscape photograph uses a shallow depth of field emphasises a lone twig, a small sign of life, against a deep blue sky background.

From the junction of California State Highway 190, Lake Hill Wash runs alongside the Panamint Valley Road. Very little rain falls in the valley but any rainfall in the nearby Panamint Range sends torrents of water into the wash constantly eroding the landscape and spilling rubble out in immense alluvial fans. The ground dries quickly in the baking heat, cracking the mud into crazy paving and desiccating the delicate flowers that have briefly flourished in a desperate attempt to reproduce.

Fearful that this photograph had not been successful, Richard made a 200 mile detour to try to find the same twig on the way back from San Luis Obispo to Las Vegas. It had rained and the landscape had changed entirely but the original shot was a success after all.

This artwork is a limited edition gloss photographic print, dry-mounted to aluminium, presented in a museum board white window mount and a choice of black or white box frame made professionally in the UK. It is signed and numbered on reverse accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Pictured with:
Hell's Gate, Death Valley, California
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